• Yves Delport

    Vice President Sales

  • 15+ last years dedicated to Sales, Business Development and Marketing
    7+ years in Consulting, Alliances and Pre-Sales activities
    7+ years in Project Management

    15+ years in the IT industry
    15+ years in the Telecommunications and Internet industry

    15+ years Computer Hardware/Software experience
    7+ years Management & Leadership experience
    3+ years Entrepreneur experience

    Strong interest in high tech industry and new technologies
    Firm motivation to demonstrate benefits
    High commitment to deliver and to satisfy

    Email: yves.delport@orange.fr

    Xing: https://www.xing.com/profile/Yves_Delport/
    Viadeo: http://www.viadeo.com/fr/profile/yves.delport

    Specialties: IT, Telecommunications, Internet
    Software, Hardware, Support and Services
    Sales, Purchasing and Negotiation
    Business Development and Marketing
    Global Account Management and Customer retention
    Partnerships and strong relationships building
    Alliances, Indirect channel and re-sellers network




    Regional Vice President Sales

    – Present


    Mavenir is a leader in accelerating and redefining network transformation for Service Providers, by offering a comprehensive product portfolio across every layer of the network infrastructure stack. From 4G to 5G application/service layers to packet core and RAN – Mavenir leads the way in evolved, cloud-native networking solutions enabling innovative and secure experiences for end users.
    Through its industry first VoLTE, VoWiFi, Advanced Messaging (RCS), Multi-ID, vEPC, Visual Voicemail and Cloud RAN solutions, and serving 350+ CSPs across 3.5 billion subscribers, Mavenir’s platform enables Service Providers to successfully deliver next generation vision today and realize new revenue streams and operational efficiencies.



    Regional Vice President Sales

    – June 2017


    IP Telephony, Unified Communications, Cloud services.

    Mobixell Networks

    Sales Director Europe, Middle-East and Africa 
    – Mar 2013
    Mobile Data & VAS Multimedia, Rich Media Delivery and Mobile Internet Solutions

    Comverse - Starhome

    Regional Sales Director Southern Europe, Middle East and North Africa 
    – Jan 2011
    V.A.S. Roaming solutions for Mobile Network Operators.


    Sales Director Global Customer Account 
    – Sep 2006
    Telecommunications equipments and related services as well as end-to-end solutions to mobile and fixed network operators globally


    Account Director 
    – Sep 2006
    Telecommunications equipments and related services as well as end-to-end solutions to mobile and fixed network operators globally

    Oracle - Portal Software

    Global Account Manager 
    – Mar 2004
    Blling / BSS solutions for telecommunications operators (internet, fixed and mobile). In charge of France Telecom Orange Group Account sales relationships worldwide


    International Projects Director 
    – Nov 2000
    International Projects Management
    Worldwide Customer Services � Technology Services - EMEA


    Senior Consultant 
    – 2000
    Consulting and Project Management
    Telecommunications Customers and Services Division
    Director's Deputy for Technical Consultants Management

    France Telecom

    Senior Consultant 
    – 2000
    Project Management - Technical follow-up and Purchasing
    France Telecom Worldwide Networks and Services

    It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.


    International Sales

    Solution Selling

    Cloud Computing


    Skill or Talent


    The George Washington University - School of Business

     1999 - 2001

    Describe your studies, involvements, and accomplishments at this school.

    Centre d'Etudes supérieures industrielles

    Engineer  1993 - 1995

    Describe your studies, involvements, and accomplishments at this school.

    EI.CESI - Ecole d'ingénieurs du CESI

    Engineer 1993 - 1995

    Describe your studies, involvements, and accomplishments at this school.


    Julien Saint Girons
    Managing Director - Eiffage EnergieT&D Ghana

    Working with Yves has proved very rewarding for me to the extent that the communication capabilities of this seasoned commercial director enabled him to connect with virtually anyone regardless of location or language. This combined with the professional stringency that Yves demonstrated in the establishment and monitoring of business relationships, allowed him to suitably manage his customers’ or prospects’ expectations.
    I have every confidence in Yves and would be very happy to work again with him if the opportunity arose.

    Derek Rockliffe
    Pre sales Manager at Mobixell Networks

    Yves is a consummate sales professional with a focused and results driven approach, coupled with outstanding industry knowledge. He is very well connected at C-Level within major accounts in EMEA and his diligent and detail oriented approach makes him very well respected by both partners and customers. His commitment, integrity and personal ethics are second to none and his open and friendly character makes him a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Yves as he would be an asset to any sales organisation.

    Kevin Hourigan
    Chairman of Nova Incepta, a leading international telecoms consultancy

    Working on France Telecom with Yves was always a great pleasure. He understood the organisation and how it worked, and wasvery well-connected. He was expert at fitting meetings into the sales cycle, and in briefing the specialists from HQ, like me, on how to position their product. He achieved a breakthrogh first for Marconi/Ericsson in winning the cross-connect business - a great tribute to his skills.

    Omar Jarmohamed
    Experienced Sales and Business Executive.

    Yves is a great guy to work with. He understands the business and the needs of the customer.
    At Portal Software he obtained the signature of a major contract with Orange France Telecom Group which built a long term commercial and technical partnership between both companies still ongoing and increasing today for Oracle (which bought Portal Software in the meantime).

    Yannick Lassalle
    Open-Innovation Manager chez SFR

    Yves is a smart colleague.
    It was a pleasure to work with, and now it's still nice to deal with.

    Jean-Marc RAOULT
    Directeur d'établissements médico-sociaux

    J'ai le plein souvenir qu'Yves état un de nos principaux "hommes de confiance" en clientèle lors de son emploi par Steria Infogérance

    Alain Bothorel
    Project manager at IBM

    Yves joined NCR as an international Project Manager. He was member of the NCR European Project Office and hosted by my department in France. He demonstrated exceptional skills and capacities in managing large and complex projects, both in pre-sale and delivery activities.

    Gilles Manem
    CRM and Finance specialist at Financial Services Compensation Scheme

    A very smart and driven employee. Highly recommended.

    David Rottelman
    Vice President Sales, Europe at Starhome

    I worked with Yves for the last 5 years and found him as a true professional Sales Director. Yves is a great team player with excellent management capabilities together with mentor capabilities.
    Yves is very knowledgeable on the cellular & roaming business with a great experience on the field.
    He is a detail-oriented person who watches the balance sheet without losing sight of the strategic objective.
    Yves understands the customers, the market, the way the company works and is excellent with people - colleagues, sales people in his team and technical people.
    Yve’s high energy and capabilities to manage stressed multitasking in overloaded situations makes him an ideal customer facing manager.
    His excellent understanding of account management enables him to focus on sales targets and creating good valuable relationship with customers. Yves is an asset to any organization to be able to lead & manage various departments.

    Denis Henrio
    Account business unit Director

    Yves has worked for me as a senior IT consultant on a IT projetc for about 3 years. He was in charge of all the technical aspects of the project.
    Yves made a recommandation on hardware equipement that appeared to be an excellent choice and also negotiated a very good price from the provider.
    He was also key in smoothing relations with the IT technical and development team, which were difficult at some time.
    Yves showed many qualities, like beeing very reliant, professional, having an excellent contact with people, high personal commitment...

    Goulven Donniou
    IT Consultant at Steria Group

    Yves showed great patience in his job to help me learn and progress in my tasks. I thank him for the time he gave me and for the opportunities he offered me in this mission.

    Olivier Miss
    Global Alliances and Enablement Manager at Oracle Communications

    Yves and I worked very closely to increased business done between Portal Software and France Telecom group and build the first step of a strategic partnership. Yves is a great team player and a friend.

    Bruno Poisson
    Regional Director at Anite

    Yves is an outstanding high touch sales person 100% relationship oriented. Yves excels in selling in complex environment on highly competitive accounts and has a proven track record of major achievements where he has demonsrated acumen and excellent negotiation skills. Yves definitely is a very strong assets to the companies he works for.

    Robert Hajduk
    PM at Hajduk Consulting (Projects, Prince2, Agile)

    Yves is open mind networking expert!

    Nicolas Kozakiewicz
    Head of Research & Development at Atos Worldline

    Yves is business focused, pragmatic and experienced Sales Professional, with a multi-cultural, multi-market background.
    Working with him is efficient, targeted and natural, as any sales transaction should be.

    Alon Nurel
    Regional Director, Customer Delivery at cVidya

    I had great privilege to work closely with Yves in the last past 4 years which developed for a true friendship!

    During this period of time I discovered great person with unique personality and one of the most versatile and intelligent sales manager I ever met; Yves is capable to adjust to any scale of customer out there, from small operators to tear 1 operators and groups Yves is steering wisely, patiently and consistently for a WIN!

    This ability was proven by achieving few major breakthrough for the company in Yves territory. Not less important, as a team player, the way to the success with Yves was always pleasant while keeping the team spirit and making the process down the road enjoyable even in the toughest challenges.

    Yves is definitely an asset to keep for any company who I warmly recommends!

    Malcolm Graham
    Client Managing Director, Central Government, Fujitsu

    Yves has a great ability to read market, business and customer dynamics and shape realistic value propositions and campaigns. He develops lasting relationships with colleagues, customers and partners based on trust and integrity.

    Laurent Mesuré
    Security and Network Consultant at ITrust, Sas.

    Yves is a highly skilled professional.Not only he is very good at increasing business profit, but also to increase other people proficiency by good advice and relashionship. Also he is a very kind person you can rely upon.

    Pascal Frenzel
    Senior Product Manager at Huawei Technologies

    Yves initiated, developed and managed the business of Portal within France Telecom. This achievement demonstrates Yves ability to fully understand, negotiate and sell services in complex and highly competitive environment.

    I closely worked with Yves for almost 5 years in Starhome.
    From the beginning Yves proved to be a highly professional sales regional executive. Yves achieved one of Starhome's remarkable milestones, while building a long term relationships with key customers in his region.
    Yves is a model for combining high energy, dedication and innovative thinking. This makes him a real valuable asset in any organization.
    I always felt that his customers gave Yves a lot of respect due to his unique and admirable way of building close professional relationships.
    I definitely recommend Yves.

    Stéphane Herlicq
    CEO at Sanitval - Member of BNI

    Yves is a very reliable and committed Consultant. He is highly appreciated by the people he works with, both customers and colleagues.

    Christian Fixot
    Sr. Manager, Customer Success - Seeking a new challenge

    Yves is a great business person; we worked together on some trickily projects. Yves is capable to address high level “political” issues and to demonstrate a lot of common sense. He led by example and he is respected by projects staff. Yves is an amazing producer of revenue and solid client relationships. I think Yves will be a terrific addition to any organization lucky enough to have him on board.

    Ziv Dvir
    Director - Head of Global PreSales at Starhome Mach

    I have worked with Yves both as project manager & regional team leader in Europe. We have collaborated in various pre-sale opportunities and I can clearly state I had the privilege to work with an excellent sales person, and furthermore (and not less important) - a great personality. Yves showed great team spirit which is not always common among sales persons, always smiling & optimistic, honest & direct in the way he communicates - with his colleagues, as well as with his customers.
    Yves succeeded to build strong & fruitful relationships with his customers, which finally lead to several breakthrough deals, including penetration to new strategically accounts. Yves has succeeded where many other failed and that definitely says a lot about him. I would highly recommend him to any company!

    Xavier Crespel
    Solutions Architect at Oracle Corporation

    Yves achived an outstanding work as setting up the ground for a long term commercial and technical partenership between Portal and France Telecom that still continue and grow today.

    Roy Shloman
    Owner, Inotro Holdings Ltd.

    I still remember my first meeting and conference call with Yves mainly due to the fact that Yves was the first AM who trusted me and allowed me to be part of his sales process. From that point and on I knew that I have found a real friend in Starhome and not just another colleague.
    It was a real pleasure working and learning from Yves mainly due to his arsenal of management skills and broad, original vision.
    Yves is a true friend and THE person to do business with - honest, clever with a great sense of product and industry knowledge but maybe the most important is that he is always looking for the "win-win" opportunity for all.
    I would recommend using his services and doing business with him to anyone.

    Ayal Groner
    CBE, Vodafone at Amdocs

    Yves is an outstanding individual, on all levels. He is a remarkable sales professional who understands the ins and outs of account management, striving relentlessly to accommodate the needs of his customers, while balancing those with the company's.
    Yves is a great partner, hardworking and always eager to help and assist both his colleagues and his customers, and is highly appreciated by both.
    It has been a real pleasure working with him, and I would be very happy to work with him in the future. He is a real asset to any company.

    Ronen Gorni
    Regional VP Sales EMEA at Gilat Satellite Networks

    Yves joined Starhome more then 4 years ago with the main chalange to penetrate Tier 1 Group of customers following years of enormous efforts by many people that all failed. Yves managed to gain this high lucrative customer and many more deals ! I found in Yves combination of vast experience, professionalism and social skills together with hard work, dedication and devotion to his targets. But above all, I would first of all recommend Yves to any organisation for his personality, high integrity, international socialization skills and loyalty to his colleagues and the company.

    Dori Sella
    Senior Business Trainer & Facilitator, Strategic Marketing and Sales Consulting

    In the short time I had the opportunity to do business with Yves; I was impressed with his blend of knowledge and strategic overview of his region together with hands on approach to examining potential opportunities. Not satisfied with his own in-depth knowledge of many years of his region, he was clearly open to discovering new creative measures to achieve his goals. Yves comes across as a very experienced and professional sales director and is also very pleasant to work with.

    Kevin Green
    Product Sales Specialist at Cisco Systems

    Yves is a highly professional, senior sales person with a rare gift of being able to successfully engage with people at all levels. He never loses sight of his goals, having a deep understanding of all aspects of the telecomms sector which creates a very high standard for the rest of us to aspire to. He also has a very good sense of humour..........

    Francis Delport
    Delivery Manager (Outsourcing)

    We have worked with Yves on very important business opportunities. Yves is a
    great professional who can really help and find best innovative solutions in
    IT & Telecom industries. He is a real "networker", team player and the best
    Sales guy I ever met. All Yves customers recognize his smart partnership way
    of working and his capability to secure deals in a real "Win-Win" mode
    without forgetting risks, performance and budget management. Of course, I
    highly recommend him also for his always fair behaviour on a pure human
    basis relationship!


    Paris Area, France